ERP for Life Sciences Businesses, Mini Video Series

Nov 29, 2023

As Life Sciences organizations near commercialization, they will need processes in place to handle regulatory rigors successfully.

Posted by Navigator Business Solutions

ERP really becomes the foundation for all the business processes that a life science company needs to adhere to. Whether that’s running their financials, tracing and tracking their inventory, being able to produce products in a repetitive and regulated way. . . ERP provides a foundation that can be audited and verified in a regulated industry.

Tune into the 4th episode of our mini video series, Know Before You Grow: ERP for Life Sciences Businesses.


Life science companies come to Navigator when they find their ability to grow and/or adapt is being limited by their current business processes and systems. Navigator helps accelerate operational performance through digital transformation in life sciences software, so our clients can drive innovation, grow their business, become a leader in the industry, and increase market share.

Life sciences companies are at the center of today’s healthcare and medical global supply chain disruption. They are navigating a dramatic increase in demand, rapidly changing expectations from global partnerships, and increasing competition from start-ups looking to capture industry market share.

They manage a complex and globally-based supply chain on a daily basis. This requires companies in the life sciences to have real-time visibility; going beyond price and availability to include the necessary quality and regulatory aspects of materials.

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