Expedite Training, Technical Support, and Lab Design by Leveraging Mixed Reality

Sep 06, 2023

Increase efficiency with interactive video training, remote repair technicians, and holographic displays

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While the capacity for remote work interactions was accelerated by the pandemic, the push for this shift has been stimulated by many global events. Companies are being mandated to reduce their environmental footprint, which comes with reducing travel and commuting costs for their employees. Enabling remote work has numerous other benefits including the ability to bring offsite repair technicians to the site of a repair virtually, as well as making onboarding, training, and mentorship of employees more efficient. The shift from in-person only to hybrid and remote work has pushed companies to be more creative than ever before in the way they structure their workforce, enable their employees to maximize their performance, and remove geographical barriers that previously limited potential. Mixed reality is a new technology that can enable all of these aims, saving time, money, and stress during seasons of peak demand.

Enter the augmented worker with AR/VR headset…. Read the full article published in Lab Manager here

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