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Feb 08, 2022

Globachem renews contract with Cresset Discovery

Posted by Cresset

Cambridge, UK – 08 February 2022Cresset Discovery, provider of contract consulting for early phase discovery, has been appointed by Globachem, who specialize in developing and marketing high quality crop protection products, to upskill their in-house team and assist them in developing the next generation of novel agrochemicals. 

Agrochemicals, which include pesticides and fertilizers, facilitate higher yields and reliability in crop production. The discovery and development of novel agrochemicals remains vital in response to the resistance of existing products and to changes to agricultural regulations. Additionally, seeking new chemical entities allows researchers to develop products with more favorable environmental and toxicological profiles.

“Globachem have appointed Cresset to help them understand ligand binding modes in order to triage their synthetic priorities, evaluate novel ideas from their project teams and suggest additional compounds to synthesize. This will help them progress their projects by improving molecular properties and developing novel IP whilst maintaining good levels of activity.” says Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting at Cresset Discovery. “Using a combination of structure- and ligand-based techniques, we are developing novel chemotypes focused towards ‘agrochemical space’ for a set of very interesting but diverse targets. Results are presented within Flare™, using Flare Viewer which enables Globachem to view and evaluate at their leisure and provides an accessible and common platform for sharing data between Cresset Discovery and their project teams.”

“Cresset Discovery are helping us rationalize our agrochemical targets and develop our next generation of novel agrochemicals”, says Dr Victoria Jackson, Operating Officer at Globachem. “The flexible consulting contract is a good way for us to see how the Cresset approach can help progress our project. The project is on-going, but with such great results so far, we’ve continued to engage Cresset Discovery.”


Globachem renews contract with Cresset Discovery

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