Integration of Mcule’s purchasable compound library in Blaze™ virtual screening platform provides greater chemical diversity for outsourced projects

May 11, 2021

Posted by Cresset

Cambridge, UK – 11th May 2021 – Cresset Discovery Services, a contract research organization (CRO) for early phase small molecule discovery, and Mcule, provider of an online compound database, announces that Cresset Discovery Services now has access to Mcule’s purchasable compound library thorough the Blaze™ virtual screening platform.

Virtual screening is a powerful tool to sample adequate chemical diversity, and is far more cost effective than wet HTS. The Blaze platform enables research chemists to dramatically increase their wet screening hit rate at a fraction of the cost. It uses the electrostatic and shape character of known ligands to rapidly search large chemical collections for molecules with similar properties. A virtual screen of 10 million structures just takes a few hours.

“Inclusion of the Mcule database in Blaze provides users with greater chemical diversity. They benefit from the availability of compound plating on request, and rapid updates via the Mcule API, thus streamlining their procurement process,” says Dr Mark Mackey, Chief Scientific Officer at Cresset. “Cresset Discovery Services have carried out thousands of searches across hundreds of projects using Blaze with consistent success and hit rates as high as 30%.”

“The Mcule database is a frequently updated collection of supplier catalogs. With the in-stock set of Mcule database integrated into Blaze, scientists can easily acquire their hits in an assay-ready format from a single source. This synergy will shorten the time of many projects across the industry,” says Robert Kiss, CEO at Mcule.

Integration of Mcule's compound library in Blaze



Cresset: Sue Peffer, Head of Marketing,

Mcule: David Havasi, Head of Partnering,


About Cresset

Chemists in the world’s leading research organizations use Cresset software and discovery services to discover, design and optimize the best small molecules. Our patented software and expert scientists offer unrivalled insight into protein-ligand systems, enabling chemists to accelerate their research in industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals and flavors and fragrances.

About Mcule

Mcule operates chemical marketplaces for drug discovery with services based around small-molecule compound sourcing. While the traditional Mcule database aggregates a wide variety of supplier catalogs, Mcule ULTIMATE database contains novel, synthetically accessible compounds. Mcule SynthAgora is a custom synthesis marketplace that enables our clients to receive offers conveniently for structures that are not available in any catalogs in the world.

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