InveniAI Launches Suite of Products Powered by AlphaMeld™, an Artificial Intelligence Platform, to Enable Robust Decision Making for Multiple Stakeholders in the Life Sciences

Sep 17, 2019

- CIMeld™, an AlphaMeld™ powered product for competitive/business intelligence, is set to launch at PharmaCI USA 2019

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– CIMeld, an AlphaMeld powered product for competitive/business intelligence, is set to launch at PharmaCI USA 2019

– Tailored suite of products to address high value questions accelerating innovation across stakeholders in portfolio strategy, R&D, BD&L, clinical operations, and competitive/business intelligence

– Products enable decision-making across the life sciences including, pharma, biotech, medical devices, vaccines, and animal therapeutics

GUILFORD, Conn., Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — InveniAI® Corporation, a global leader pioneering the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform innovation across healthcare and other industries, today announced the expansion of its flagship AI- and ML-driveninnovation monitoring platform, AlphaMeld™. This expansion will provide a suite of products to facilitate the democratization of data analysis across the life sciences value chain and tap into InveniAI’s extensive domain expertise and curated data sets that have been aligned with industry specific algorithms.

CIMeld™, an AlphaMeld™ powered product, will be launched at the upcoming PharmaCI USA 2019 Conference and Exhibition set for September 18-19, where competitive intelligence executives in pharma, biotech and medical devices meet at one of the largest CI assemblies in the world.  CIMeld™ is a unique product that takes advantage of the digital data deluge and leverages AI-powered technology totriangulate signals from multiple sources to generate insights and identify opportunities and threats across diseases, companies, drug portfolios, and early innovation.

The AlphaMeld™ suite of products isaccessible via a secure, customized, cloud-based interface with the option to personalize the definition of success and failure that lends a unique competitive advantage to its users.  In addition to competitive and business intelligence insights, the AlphaMeld™ suite of products address innovation bottlenecks in the life sciences including, identification of the earliest signals of emergence for target identification and validation, technology innovations, and clinical innovations that identify drugs with high probability of clinical success. Together with InveniAI’s broad domain expertise, stakeholders can leverage an integrated platform built on 15 years of data sets that have been cleaned, curated, connected and customized with AI/ML algorithms to address specific business questions – bridging the gap between human expertise and the insights hidden in the vast amounts of data being generated both within an organization or in the public domain.

“With the rapid uptake of AlphaMeld™’s technology, and based on customer feedback, we have created a product line that has broad stakeholder appeal within the life sciences,” said Krishnan Nandabalan, Ph.D., President and CEO of InveniAI. “Our platform is commercially validated with multiple clinical candidates – the most advanced program will be entering pivotal trials and numerous other programs entering human proof of concept trials.”

“As organizations increasingly embrace digital transformation and adopt technologies to gain a competitive advantage to transform innovation decisions, we are confident AlphaMeld™ and its suite of products will provide invaluable insights to enable robust decision-making across organizations that are seeking immediate impact by turning AI-powered insights into actionable outcomes,” added Aman Kant, CBO, InveniAI.

The InveniAI team will be available on both days at PharmaCI USA 2019 to provide demonstrations of CIMeld™.  Please email the company at to schedule a time to see the platform.

About AlphaMeld™ – Anticipating the Future

AlphaMeld™, created on the premise that every innovation begins with a core discovery or invention that gathers momentum, is an AI-based platform powered with machine learning algorithms that monitor alpha signals indicative of breakthrough innovation.  The platform operates in real-time and recognizes these patterns in a rapidly changing and diverse data environment by engaging internal experts to personalize the definition of success and failure for an organization or vertical market. The platform eliminates dependence on a time-series and uses industry-aware scoring algorithms that are customized and further strengthened by incorporating continuous feedback through machine learning.  AlphaMeld™ is trained to amplify human expertise to enable robust decision-making tailored to the needs of multiple stakeholders within an organization.

About InveniAI

InveniAI® Corporation, based in Guilford, Conn., is a global leader pioneering the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform innovation across healthcare and other industries. The company leverages AI and ML to harness petabytes of disparate data sets to recognize and unlock value for AI-based innovation monitoring and AI-based drug discovery and development. Numerous industry collaborations in Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma, Biotech, Consumer Healthcare and Animal Therapeutics showcase the value of leveraging our technology to meld human experience and expertise with the power of machines to augment decision-making. The company continues to collaborate with industry partners to address cutting-edge problems across the value chain from internal to external innovation and to complement corporate decision-making. For more information visit

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