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May 19, 2023

Deploying employee badges on iPhone has never been simpler.

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Employee badge in Apple Wallet

Access instantly with your iPhone and Apple Watch.


Now’s The Time.

Discover how to make your property the destination tenants are looking for.

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With employee badge in Apple Wallet now available with Kastle, tenants, their staff and their guests can easily access their corporate spaces with just their iPhone or Apple Watch—from doors and elevators to turnstiles, printers, and more. They just need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader to unlock. It’s easy, convenient, and private.

Deploying employee badges on iPhone has never been simpler.

Employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch seamlessly integrate into your company’s existing access control systems, and they are easily managed by your internal staff. So getting started is quick and efficient.

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Easy. Convenient. Private. 

Employee badge. Now with less badge.
With employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch, tenants, staff, and guests can enter and leave their corporate spaces without a physical key. That’s one less thing to carry.  

They just need an iPhone. That’s it.
With Express Mode, tenants, staff, and guests don’t need to wake or unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch to use their employee badge in Apple Wallet. 

Access to their space, even when their iPhone needs a charge.
If their iPhone needs a charge, their employee badge in Apple Wallet will still work. Power Reserve provides up to five hours of access, so they can still unlock their spaces.

Employee badge security, built into iPhone.

Employee badge in Apple Wallet takes full advantage of the privacy and security features built into iPhone and Apple Watch.

  • Employee badge in Apple Wallet is stored on the device, which means Apple doesn’t see the places your tenants and their staff and guests access, so data is private and secure.

  • If a user misplaces their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can use the Find My app to lock and help locate their device and suspend their badge or remotely erase the device and their badge.

  • Badge readers can use Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone to provide additional security for spaces that require it.
         — never on Apple servers.


Sounds Like a Good Idea, Right?

Your Kastle expert can answer your questions and explain the many benefits of bringing Apple Wallet to your community. 

Why Kastle:

Kastle’s unique security-as-a-service model allows you to focus on what’s important. We deliver the most efficient operating experience for your property by installing a customized solution that meets your needs and maintaining the system so it’s always working.  


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