KCR adopts Veeva Vault Clinical Suite

Jan 08, 2020

The robust cloud platform will allow enhanced integration of trial management and documentation services through these new CTMS and eTMF solutions.

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KCR recently announced the adoption of Veeva Vault for its clinical research programs. The clinical development solutions provider, known for its full-service capabilities in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, can now streamline clinical processes and management with full data and documentation visibility, completeness and compliance.

The decision to adopt this modern cloud application came with the sustained advancement and growing complexity of KCR studies. As a competitive clinical solutions provider, this decision represented a major development in innovation and the next practical step towards ensuring the most unified and efficient clinical processes possible.

KCR’s Head of Data Science and Documentation Services, Magdalena Matusiak, commented on the recent announcement saying “This process well reflects KCR’s decision to invest in advanced technology solutions as well as our strong commitment to quality. In addition to complete data and documentation visibility, this application will allow accurate, real-time, and comprehensive view of study status for all study members. This change will reduce complexity, increase compliance and inspection readiness and enhance oversight of the end-to-end clinical process.”

Implementation of the Veeva System was conducted as a shared initiative across a variety of KCR teams including project management and clinical data and documentation. The programs will begin to roll out this month, as KCR is currently launching two new clinical trials in Veeva Vault Clinical Suite. KCR also plans to implement the Study Startup (SSU) module of Veeva Clinical Suite, a process that will begin in 2020.

KCR CEO, Mike Jagielski, summarizes, “Our decision to implement Veeva Vault solutions was mainly driven by our customer’s needs and the growing regulatory requirements surrounding data integrity, transparency and global oversight. By using Veeva Vault technology solutions, we offer full-service capabilities in clinical data and documentation processing at the highest industry standards. At the same time, we maintain project customization capabilities to meet client-specific needs and requirements”.

About KCR:

KCR is a clinical development solutions provider for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. We support clients with full-service clinical development capabilities across three main areas: Trial Execution, Consulting and Placement. KCR operates across four regions: North America, Western Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe, with a main operational hub located in Boston, MA. Our strategic hub locations, technical capabilities and solution offerings allow for the optimized delivery of trial execution strategies to develop life-changing therapies. KCR offers access to an estimated population of 1.1 Billion people. For more information visit www.kcrcro.com.

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