Sep 02, 2020

Collaboration paves the way for accelerated discovery and development of new, life-changing drugs

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BOSTON– (September 02, 2020)– NanoImaging Services, Inc. (NIS), specialists in transmission electron microscopy (TEM), today announced they have partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to increase accessibility to cryoelectron microscopy (cryoEM) technology for the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology community. Having pioneered cryoEM for use in drug discovery and vaccine development applications, NIS brings its proven expertise and experience into this partnership, supported by its growing network of state-of-the-art facilities and deep understanding of customer needs.


“At NIS, we are proud to have been serving our growing cryoEM customer base for more than a decade, offering advanced sample preparation, screening and structure determination services to streamline, optimize and accelerate the drug discovery and development process,” said Clint Potter, founder and CEO of NanoImaging Services. “Our collaboration with Thermo Fisher further promotes our role as an expert provider of cryoEM capabilities, and enables us to continue to develop and offer best-in-class cryoEM services and supporting technologies within this rapidly changing field. It is in line with our continued expansion strategy as the largest industrial cryoEM facility in the world. We are now even more strongly positioned to bring the superior benefits of and new developments within this breakthrough technology to researchers at the forefront of innovation to help them design more effective medicines faster and for many years to come.”


Through its partnership with Thermo Fisher, NIS will stay true to its commitment of being a collaborative partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, supporting them with start-up packages for cryoEM technology, all the way through to completion of projects. NIS is the first contract research organization (CRO) to have established the necessary hardware and software base for full structure enablement from sample to final map production. To date, the company’s expanding facilities, combined with best-in-class IT infrastructure and scientific know-how, have supported more than 200 cryoEM projects resulting in more than 60 unique protein structures. 


CryoEM has been established as a powerful method for high resolution 3D protein structure determination, succeeding where traditional X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy techniques fail. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can greatly benefit from cryoEM for the analysis and characterization of small amounts of material, large biomolecular complexes or materials that are hard to crystallize. Furthermore, cryoEM is the preferred method when observing the atomic details or the real “native state” structure of molecules.


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