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Oct 03, 2022

Training offer

Posted by Tufts University




TO:            MA Industry, Startups, and Academic Researchers

FROM:       Tufts Preclinical Imaging Core (PIC)

DATE:        October 3, 2022

SUBJECT:  Offer for Free Training on IVIS and Micro-CT


The Tufts Preclinical Imaging Core (PIC) on the Boston campus provides equipment and expertise for molecular and anatomical imaging for basic research and translational studies in rodents, tissue, and devices. Our current services offered in PIC include:


  • PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum CT Biophotonic Imager* A luminescence and fluorescence imager which can image in vivo rodents, as well as in vitro or ex vivo samples. The IVIS is typically used for oncology drug development, as well as other rna based drug development.
  • Skyscan 1176 High Resolution Micro-CT Scanner* A CT imager for rodents as well as small materials. The Skyscan is typically used for bone loss and periodontal studies but can also be used along with contrast agents for some neurology studies.
  • VisualSonics Vevo 2100 Ultrasound Imaging System Ultrasound imager specialized for rodents. The Vevo is typically used for cardiac studies and blood flow quantification.
  • Imaging analysis

  • Cell culture


    We are excited to share that we have started the process of applying for shared equipment grants to replace the IVIS and CT imagers so we can continue to offer state of the art equipment and imaging for your research and publication applications. To increase the strength of our upcoming equipment grant applications, the Preclinical Imaging Core (PIC) is offering free training until the end of the year on IVIS and Micro-CT imaging to support any projects not currently using PIC services.



    Want to help support our service even more? We are soliciting for letters of interest that will support our grant application for new equipment. You do not have to be a current customer to contribute a letter of interest. If you think your current or future projects could benefit from any of our imaging equipment and are willing to give us a letter of interest, please let us know and we can assist with drafting the letter for your review and signature.



    1. To take advantage of our free training offer or provide a letter of interest for our application, email
    2. Schedule a training with Andrew Phillips on IVIS and/or Micro-CT by Dec 31, 2022 and use any of our PIC services before April 30th, 2023.
    3. Benefit by increasing the scientific rigor of your experiments with sophisticated imaging and analysis while supporting continued growth of our central core service.


      If you are interested in any of our imaging modalities, have questions about this offer, or would like assistance in setting up a study using our equipment, please contact us.




      Preclinical Imaging Core (PIC) Team


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      Preclinical Imaging Core Manager
      Comparative Medicine
      Tufts University
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      Corinna Beale, DVM, SRS, DACLAM Director of Preclinical Services Comparative Medicine
      Tufts University
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