PreOmics Product Launch: SP3-iST Add-on kit for protein sample preparation on challenging sample types

Apr 22, 2021

Efficient and robust bead-based protein sample preparation methodology for challenging sample types prior to LC-MS

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The challenge:

Many highly efficient protein extraction and denaturation buffers contain high amounts of reagents such as detergents or high salt. These components may inhibit proteolytic digestion efficiency and are not suitable for mass spectrometry. Thus, LC-MS sample preparation often is a compromise between protein extraction efficiency, digestion efficiency and LC-MS compatibility.


The solution:

SP3 meets iST! SP3 technology utilizes unbiased protein binding to magnetic beads so additional wash steps can be used to remove harsh denaturation reagents and matrix contaminants, for example when processing FFPE tissue samples. The SP3-iST Add-on kit provides all reagents for an upstream purification step, extending the range of extraction buffers which can be used and the kit includes PreOmics’ own SP3 LYSE reagent. The SP3-iST Add-on kit in combination with the iST family of kits provides efficient and robust sample preparation for dirty and difficult sample matrices.


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