Biotech 101: New Options, Same Format

Apr 07, 2017

MassBioEd Foundation's popular Biotech 101: The Science & Business of Biotech course is back! This two-day program is designed for non-science professionals who may be working or are looking to work in the biopharmaceutical industry. New this year, registrants have the option of attending just one day, to focus on either The Science of Biotech, or The Business of Biotech.


Here are three reasons to take Biotech 101 – The Science of Biotech:

  1. Become conversant with your scientific colleagues. Meet and interact with other industry professionals and perform hands-on lab activities, such as gel electrophoresis and protein purification! You won’t become a scientist in one day, but you will learn some basic scientific-inquiry activities that are used by your colleagues on a daily basis.
  2. Learn from a great instructor! MassBioEd’s Director of Biotechnology Education Programs Michelle Mischke, Ph.D. will be instructing the course. She has led the BioTeach team for several years in developing all facets of the BioTeach’s high school teacher-focused training program, along with its life sciences curriculum. After serving as a post-doc at Harvard, she taught at MIT and developed content for the first large online biology course offered by edX.
  3. Learn the basics of the science that drives biopharmaceutical research and development. Participants gain an appreciation for basic concepts in biotechnology and various inquires that lead to actual products that impact patient lives. In this course you will learn: How medicines made through biotechnology differ from other medicines, what DNA does, how the body makes proteins, how genetic engineering works, what personalized medicine is, and how proteins are made in the lab. 

And here are three reasons to take Biotech 101 – The Business of Biotech:

  1. Learn how the biotech business works and why. For those considering careers in the biopharma space or transitioning from the science and technical aspects of the industry to the business side, this course delivers a sound, basic understanding of the “business of biotech.” The course explores the business components that drive many company strategies. It provides a deeper understanding of how companies are funded, how government agencies regulate the sector, and why the pathway to product commercialization can be so difficult.
  2. Imran Nasrullah, MS, JD, CLP, who will be instructing the course, brings over 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical to the class. Before his current position as Director of Innovation Sourcing at Boehringer Ingelheim, he worked as Head of Strategic Alliances at T1D First. He built MassBio’s Innovation Services as CBO while at MassBio and served as director of business development at Genzyme and Millennium.  He began his licensing career at MayoClinic and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  3. Participants will gain insight into recent trends in the biopharmaceutical industry and will leave with informative materials that you'll have on hand for reference to for years to come. Introducing the class will be MassBioEd’s Executive Director Peter Abair, who will also provide insight on the historical development of the modern biopharma industry.

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