MassBio announces new MassBioEdge Preferred Partner in revolutionary HR business solutions program designed by Marsh McLennan Agency and AlphaStaff specifically for the life sciences industry

Oct 11, 2022

  • RevHR unifies all facets of employment into one solution that provides efficiencies for companies.
  • This platform is ideally suited for the Life Sciences sector and solves many of the key challenges that early-stage companies face.  
  • They can immediately focus their energy on building their business with the confidence that they are offering market competitive benefits coupled with the support and resources needed to administer them effectively.

MassBio has a long record of providing access to industry-leading providers and best in class benefit plans to the life sciences industry, and today we are proud to announce a new HR business solutions program that will revolutionize how emerging life sciences companies handle HR functions and support their employees. Through our ongoing partnership with Marsh McLennan Agency and the expertise of AlphaStaff, MassBio brings our support to RevHR: Enhanced Benefits for Life Sciences as a MassBioEdge Preferred Partner.

RevHR is a novel program built exclusively for the Commonwealth’s life sciences employers of all sizes, including early stage and more established companies, that combines all facets of employment into one HR business solution. By unifying benefits, payroll, and other HR functions into one cutting edge and supportive program, RevHR leverages our industry leading partners’ buying power to deliver savings to employees and simplify HR tasks for employers. By doing this, RevHR is empowering life sciences companies to concentrate on recruitment, retention, company culture, and science, rather than administration and paperwork. 

RevHR is a one-stop shop that goes beyond traditional ‘in-house’ HR management by delivering leading HR support and guidance; fully integrated payroll, 401K management, and best-in-class employee benefits packages; and a single sign-on HR platform with access to all aspects of employment. Likewise, it stands out from other HR business solutions companies by building all program attributes (HR services plan, benefits, technology, and more) specifically for life sciences companies; leveling the competitive playing field of recruitment and retention—critically important in this hiring environment; and offering unparalleled stability, cost control, and market relevance.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the emerging life sciences companies that are at the center of the Massachusetts industry to streamline their HR, providing huge benefits – literally – for employer and employee alike,” MassBio CEO Joe Boncore said of RevHR.

“With RevHR, we have an HR solution that has been built from the ground up explicitly for life sciences companies and their teams, and MassBio is thrilled that this game-changing option is available exclusively to companies headquartered in the best life sciences ecosystem in the world,” added MassBio President and COO Kendalle Burlin O’Connell. “If we can give HR professionals at local life sciences companies more time to recruit talent and build company culture, we are doing our job as an industry organization.”

MassBio is excited to offer our support to RevHR as a Preferred Partner because we know it will result in significant improvements to the overall employer and employee experiences, employee benefits, and the ability of Massachusetts life sciences companies to recruit and retain talent. These are interesting times for the life sciences industry following on the heels of a challenging global pandemic. RevHR can deliver a level of peace of mind to companies through tools and resources, expert support, cost management, and the best technology on the market.

“We’ve been eager to find a program like this for a while now because we know countless companies that can benefit immediately from it,” remarked MassBio Chief Business Officer Jason Cordeiro. “Marsh McLennan Agency andAlphaStaff consultants are ready to help HR teams evaluate if RevHR is a good fit for their organization.”

Check out RevHR’s website at:, download a detailed one-pager, and feel free to contact Steve Powell for further information.

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