MassBio Launches New Membership Portal

Dec 11, 2018

Changes to Support More Personalized Experience for Members

Change can be scary – but more often than not it’s a good thing. While our members have been busy researching and developing new lifesaving treatments for patients, we’ve been working behind the scenes to improve the user experience on our website. And just like the move toward personalized medicine, we’re moving toward personalized content.

We’re thrilled to bring you our new and improved membership portal on, that officially went live today. These changes will make your membership experience much more seamless for everything from event registration to members-only content to email preferences. The catch? The change requires everyone to create a new account on even if you already have one. You may, however, use the same login credentials. This applies to both members and non-members.

We’re confident these changes will make registering for events easier than ever, and will allow you to manage all of your past and future events in one place. You’ll also notice that we’re asking for more information about your interests and preferences – that’s because we want to better target information so you’re only seeing what’s relevant to you. The more information you share with us, the more personalized your experience. To help guide you through these changes, we’ve included a few FAQs below.

What functionality is different?

  • Event Registration:
    • Registration for all MassBio events is now streamlined. You will no longer be taken to Eventbrite to complete your registration process. Your event registration will be processed directly through our site.
    • When creating your new account, make sure to use your company email to receive the full value of your membership such as members-only events and our Employee Rewards savings. You can create a new account by adding your email address and entering the verification code you will receive.
  • Members-only Content:
    • To access members-only content such as our Knowledge Base or Employee Rewards, make sure to use your company email. You can create a new account by adding your email address and entering the verification code you will receive.
  • Profile / Communications Preferences:
    • When creating an account, you’ll be asked to fill out information about your interests, areas of focus, job function and communications preferences. This will allow us to deliver personalized content and ensure you never miss an event that’s relevant to your areas of expertise or interests.
    • We encourage ALL members and non-members to complete their profile.
    • If you’re already signed up for MassBio emails such as Upcoming Events or MassBio Insider, you’ll continue to receive these.

What kind of information is MassBio asking for?

  • Your personal email address will ensure you never miss MassBio news and to use as an alternative login to the portal if you change jobs.
  • By telling us more about your job function, areas of focus and interests, MassBio will be able to tailor news, programs and events that are relevant to you.
  • We are gathering demographic information from our membership for internal purposes only. This information will never be made public and is strictly for MassBio’s use.

What do I do if I left my company?

  • If you have an existing membership account and have provided a personal email address, you can log into the portal and update your individual profile. 
  • If you have a new work email address, add it to your profile. You will receive a verification email and once verified, your profile will automatically be updated with your new company.
  • If your company is a member, you will be able to register for members-only events and access members-only content on

What if I still have questions?

  • We understand you may still have questions about your individual account or our new system. Please submit any questions to


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