Top 3 Takeaways: Bridging Your Career, Your Employees & Your Company on Social Media

Aug 03, 2015


On July 29th MassBio hosted the third installment of the Harness the Power of Social Media Forum Series. The topic focused on employee recruitment, engagement, and company brand as it relates to social media. It was a popular topic with an engaged audience!


1) Social Media is an Ecosystem

“LinkedIn is not a job board. It’s a living, breathing ecosystem.” – Glenn Manko, Senior Customer Success Consultant, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn

Social media is all about engagement. You can not simply send a post and call it a day. It’s critical to stay active and engage with stakeholders on social networks.

Along those lines, the panel reminded the audience that you should never join a social network you won’t be able to keep up with. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s better to start small with a game plan in place and then build on it if you have the capacity.

2) Showcase Company Culture

“Candidates know where to find jobs on your website. They want to use social media to understand what the company culture is like.” – Harold Mellor, Global Head Talent Attraction, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.

There was a unanimous push from the panel to be authentic on social media. They encouraged attendees to showcase their company’s personality.

Having an ice cream social this summer? Post a picture!

3) Employees = Brand Ambassadors

“You want to leverage your employees to be your brand ambassadors because they are your company.” – Nicole Rojas, Shire

Train your employees on branding and provide guidance on how to represent the company when using personal social media accounts. People are more likely to trust their peers than random reviews online.

On a similar note, make sure there is a clear line between personal and professional on social media. The panel suggested picking one use per social network. For example, deciding to use Facebook for personal purposes and Twitter for professional purposes.

 Join us for the the final installment of the Harness the Power of Social Media Forum Series on August 13th – Let’s Talk: Open Dialogue with Patients & Patient Advocacy Groups.

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