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May 01, 2017


Axxam is an innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO). We are a leading provider of integrated discovery services for the entire Life Sciences industries as: Pharmaceutical, Crop protection, Animal health, Cosmetics and Nutrition. We have a strong expertise across a broad range of discovery disciplines and innovative technologies including: assay development, compound management, a carefully selected compound collection, HTS, hit identification and hit validation.

Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals

Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals (“SBP”) is an Investigational New Drug (IND)-stage, drug discovery company. Based on its proprietary platform technology, SBP is developing a pipeline of products representing a “new class of pharmaceuticals” it calls small molecule nucleic acid hybrids (“SMNH”), which have a wide range of applications and multi-billion dollar market potential. These rationally designed molecules combine target selectivity and specificity advantages made possible by recent advances in genetic engineering, with the drug-like properties of classical pharmaceuticals, including oral delivery, good pharmacokinetics, low side effects and ease of manufacture. SBP’s most advanced product is SB 9200, a potential breakthrough drug for Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B that works in a unique way by activating the internal viral immune system of infected cells. SBP is planning to begin Phase I human trials in 2012. In addition SBP is currently using its platform SMNH technology to develop drugs for other viral infections such as RSV and Influenza, COPD and cancer. Since its founding in 2002, SBP has built its technology platform and product pipeline using a capital-efficient, semi-virtual business model, supported by $12M of non-dilutive National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) grants.


CILcare was built in 2014 from the expertise of a team specialized in hearing loss, tinnitus and aging disorders, offering its clients and partners a large range of services, including preclinical pharmacological studies, to optimize drug development.

Enzyvant Therapeutics

Enzyvant is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing transformative therapies for rare diseases with high unmet needs. We are dedicated to the guiding principle that the development of therapies for rare diseases must focus on patients and their needs. We pursue innovative partnerships that create new opportunities in the rare disease field and our mission is to deliver on our commitment to the patients, families, and communities we serve. Our current programs are in complete DiGeorge Syndrome, a rare immunodeficiency disorder for which we are developing a tissue-based biologic therapy, and Farber disease, a rare lysosomal storage disorder for which we are developing an enzyme replacement therapy. We anticipate adding to that list in the months and years to come.

Viking Healthcare Solutions

Viking Healthcare Solutions' professionals have an average of 20+ years of industry experience navigating the growing complexities of managed markets in both the commercial and government business segments. We are uniquely positioned, having strong relationships with payers and manufacturers, to engage in high-level discussions about reimbursement and access for new and existing products. Through primary market research and data analytics, we also assist clients in the development of product value propositions and commercialization strategies across therapeutic categories. In summary, Viking offers effective and efficient customer solutions tailored to the needs of each client and each product within their portfolio to optimize coverage and reimbursement in managed markets.

Torus Therapeutics 

Torus Therapeutics is a seed-stage biotech that is developing transformative, gene therapies for severe genetic and rare diseases.

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