#PatientDriven Campaign

Oct 19, 2015


MassBio is proud to announce the launch of our #PatientDriven Campaign!

This campaign is designed to encourage companies, non-profits, & life sciences professionals to post social media messages sharing why they chose to work in a life sciences related field and communicate how the work they do is #PatientDriven.

We know there are millions of professionals who chose to work in the life sciences industry because they have watched a loved one battle a disease or they themselves are a patient. It’s time to bring these stories to light and tell the world why we are #PatientDriven.

From October 20th leading up to MassBio’s 2nd Annual Patient Advocacy Summit on Tuesday, October 27th, we encourage you to follow #PatientDriven on social media and share why you are motivated by patients.

Our President & CEO Bob Coughlin is #PatientDriven because his 13 year old son is battling Cystic Fibrosis. Bob is thankful for all of the #PatientDriven professionals working in the life sciences industry!

Learn more about why MassBio’s staff are #PatientDriven!

staff patient driven

Be sure to check out our Storify recapping our #PatientDriven Twitter Chat that united patients and life sciences companies to talk patient-industry collaboration to accelerate treatments & cures!

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